Dream on April 17 2016

When we are young, we spend lots of time dreaming. We dream of adventures, toys, parties, treats – fun of all kinds.

As we age our dreams change, but remain a force in our lives. We dream of education, love, and achievements, of jobs, causes, children, homes, and material things. We make sharing our dreams and ideas with others a regular part of our social lives. 

We dream, and plan, and work toward each goal, until the day we realize that either we have achieved what we set out to do or it is no longer possible. 

I always need to be working toward something, pushing myself to do what I haven’t done before. I want to dream and imagine what could or should be. 

So, what do I want to be when I grow up? What does the next chapter of my life look like? I have no idea.

As time pushes on, the dreaming space seems smaller, the possibilities fewer. But I am determined to dream on.

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