Hills and valleys April 24 2016 3 Comments

Life is full of hills and valleys. As we get older, the valleys seem deeper. But great beauty can be found in the valleys.

Five years ago my husband went into cardiac arrest. It was a shocking and terrible time for our family and friends. Just when you think you can’t breathe or go another step, the real beauty of the valley reveals itself. 

The bond created within our whole extended family, supporting each other and caring for each other made us privileged guests of the valley. We were all broken and yet the beauty surrounding us as we loved and held on to each other can only be experienced in the valley. As we worked together giving care during Rick’s recovery, the valley continued to reveal its beauty. 

The next year when my father passed away, we again journeyed deeply into the valley. I will always remember the following days, my nieces, nephews and my own kids looking at photos, telling stories and laughing creating a rainbow over the valley, loving, supporting, remembering.

The hills of life are spectacular, but true beauty is found in the valleys.

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P.S. - This blog was already set up when I got word that a longtime friend had just lost her husband. Much love to her and their daughters as they walk through the deepest of valleys. xo

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