Free as a bird May 01 2016 2 Comments

I used to have a recurring dream. In my dream I would lie down on the air and float and fly. It could happen outside in almost any location. My favourite was in a country field. I didn’t fly very high – about the height of a house. I could do it indoors as well – just lean forward on the air and float to the ceiling.

The feeling of freedom and joy was spectacular.

People in my dream would ask how I did that. I would tell them to just trust the air. Lean forward and the air will catch you and then you can rise and soar. I would show them. Although I tried to help them, no one was ever able to join me in the sky. 

I loved that dream. I dreamed it regularly for years, but then, less frequently. Today I can’t recall when I last could fly.

I am sure theories abound as to why I would repeatedly dream of flying. I think the dream came because I was lucky. It made me happy. 

I felt as free as a bird.

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