Let it go May 22 2016 2 Comments

In my never-ending struggle with personal stress and anxiety – often self-induced – I am always looking for new ways to control it. Of course, controlled stress or anxiety is an oxymoron. If I could control it, I wouldn’t be stressed or anxious. 

My newest self-prescribed antidote is the song “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen. I have never seen the movie, but the seven-year-old me loves the song.

I bought four versions of the song. My favourite is by Demi Lovato, but I also get a great lift from the original by Idina Menzel, the wonderful Pentatonix version, and the instrumental rendition by The Piano Guys perfect for no-audience karaoke.

I take my four “Let It Go” songs in the car with me. Turn them up full volume. Sing badly at the top of my lungs - and let “it” go. 

Try it. You may be surprised at how well it works.

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