Oops! September 28 2014

This week I made a vase. It would sit in a stand, look lovely on a table, mantle or shelf, and have an opening to hold flowers. 

First things first. Measure the stand. Then, cut a base layer of clear glass a bit smaller than the stand.

Lay 1/2" of Fiberfrax (heat-resistant filler used to shape the glass) on top of the base layer to create an opening for the flowers. Top it with another layer of clear glass.

Next, add the decorative elements. Green sparkly stems, pink frit (hand-crushed glass) and small pieces of dichroic (glass treated with various metal oxides) to give it multi-coloured shine.

Finally, program the kiln to fire between a tack fuse and a dimensional fuse - which will leave the flowers and stems slightly raised, adding more dimension.

Seemed simple enough in theory.

Opening the kiln this morning revealed a fully fused vase - meaning no raised flowers. Still, I was happy. It looked perfect until I tried to put it in the stand.

As you can see in the picture above, the vase is now 1/8" too big for the stand. Oops!

The reason: glass wants to be 1/4" thick. If the layers add up to 1/4", the fired piece will be the same size as it was before firing. The flower pieces on top made this vase more than 1/4" thick, but I thought I had accounted for that by choosing a tack fuse, which would leave the decorative pieces sitting on top of the vase instead of melting into it.

I misjudged the firing schedule. My beautiful vase grew in the kiln and now doesn't fit in the stand.

So now I am looking for a wider stand. Lol.

"The best laid schemes of Mice and Men oft go awry..." (To a Mouse, Robert Burns)

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