Inside . . . out October 25 2014


I start thinking about new designs for my glass weeks, and sometimes months before attempting to produce them. I carry the ideas around in my head, working, envisioning, reworking. When I am satisfied with what I picture in my head, it is time to get it out.

Sometimes I go straight from head to glass. Often I translate what I see in my mind's eye into a rough sketch. And sometimes the design I envision calls for a full-sized drawing to guide me. For instance, without an exact outline to follow, I could never arrange the crushed glass necessary to make the butterfly plates

If I I think about it long enough, plan carefully enough, it is bound to work, right? No, not always. But, preparation does increase the odds of success. If I could just get the glass to follow the plan I have in my head . . .

This week will be my first attempt at creating a white half bowl with red handles and a screen melt effect.

Slumping the  fused glass only in the middle part of a 14" bowl mold will produce a wonderful boat-like shape. But first I will suspend a screen, with a small amount of red glass on it that I have rescued from a failed vase, above two layers of glass (one white and the other clear) in the kiln. As the lower layers of clear and white glass fuse, the red pieces on the screen above will melt and drip through, landing on the white glass creating an exotic, breathtaking design exactly like the one I picture in my head. 

At least, that’s what I hope to see. At the very least, what's inside will be out. Will it be right-side out? I’ll let you know next week.

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