I spy with my little eye  November 02 2014 2 Comments

In a previous post I promised to show you how the project I had in my head turned out. I envisioned a white boat-shaped dish with red handles, and a design created by glass melting through a screen onto the white glass below. It was supposed to be elegant and gorgeous. 

But there was a problem. I had no red glass large enough to make the handles. I had no clear glass to make the base. And my white glass wasn't large enough for the project. So, not wanting to report that I didn't do the project, I reinvented it. 

I suspended a screen above an 11" circle of ivory glass, positioned red and ivory glass pieces on top of the screen and fired it in the kiln for 12.5 hours. The piece cooled for 12 hours more before I fired it a second time, for 12 hours, to remove any rough edges. 

When I opened the kiln, what I found was simply fun. 

First I noticed an intriguing image of an Irish Setter puppy. His nose is right in the middle with a smile below. Big floppy ears on the sides. His eye on the left is cross-eyed. 

Turning the piece around presented more images.

A joyful red-faced clown cartoon character. Big eyes, long nose, giant grin and white stocking hat.

Side view of a drooping red rose in the centre with the stem to the right.

A hockey goalie in the bottom two thirds, reaching to intercept a puck, stick toward us.

In the lower third, a chicken with red face and neck feathers, white body. Sitting on its nest. See the big-eyed clown looking down on him, smiling?

Sad eyes at the top.

A second dog. Two eyes and a snout half way down. Small round ears.

Clasping hands.

A third little dog with chin length ears.

A leaping fish at the top. A man trying to grab it from beneath.

A white flower at the top. A face in the lower right with red hair, closed eye, white face.

A woman with head covering in the middle, looking to our left. 

A fourth dog. Gorgeous eyes. The woman from last pic is between his eyes forming the nose.

Right in the middle in red is a mother, seated, nursing her baby wrapped in a blanket.

What does your eye spy that I missed?

What was in my head is now out. True, it looks nothing like what I predicted. It’s not what I expected. It’s better!

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