Turns out . . . I like jellyfish November 16 2014

When I was child, our family often visited Prince Edward Island. I loved visiting our relatives and the beaches are glorious. But when swimming, I was in constant fear of jellyfish.

A few weeks ago Jana, my son's girlfriend, and I visited Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto. Many beautiful fish and striking displays but my favourite, by far, were the jellyfish. I was mesmerized watching them float and navigate. Delicate. Ethereal. I was smitten.  

This week, I created another screen-melt plate. With a foundation of white glass topped by a layer of clear glass on the kiln shelf, I arranged multi-coloured pieces of glass on a screen poised above and let them melt through to the layers of glass below. 

Firing the glass takes over thirteen hours. Another twelve hours is required for the glass to cool enough to be trimmed into the shape of a sushi plate, and then fired again. After the second firing, the glass goes into a mold and is fired for a third time. The whole process takes 3-4 days.   

The result? Delicate, floating jellyfish on a handmade sushi plate.

Turns out . . . I really like jellyfish. But I still don't want to swim with them.

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