Bubbles for body and soul November 23 2014


Two summers ago my friend Wendy gave me a bottle of bubble bath. She told me it was good for many things beside just bathing, including jewelry cleaning. It worked so well when I cleaned my jewelry that I didn't try it for anything else . . . until this week. 

I had the flu. My body was aching and a hot bath became irresistible. Then I remembered Wendy’s present. Soaking in that gift of bubbles soothed my achy joints and muscles, and reminded me of the giver. Ahh……. I felt better. 

One of the pleasures of working with glass is the unexpected gifts, like unplanned colours or shapes, that I discover when I open the kiln after firing. My favourites though are well-placed bubbles – delicate surprises, dreamy and frozen in time. More than anything else emerging from the heat, random beautiful bubbles make me pause and soak in the moment.

Sometimes it's good to slow down and to appreciate the gifts and the givers. It's good for body and soul. 

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