Forecast: changeable weather November 30 2014

One day this past week it was 15 degrees. The next day, zero. One day I was outside in a sweater. The next, I was in my parka with the hood up. Unpredictable weather makes me look for clothes that work for more than one season. 

And those seasons fly by. Maybe it’s just that I’m aging, but one time of year blurs into the next, and no holiday seems really finished before another one is upon us.

That’s why I want my “stuff” to be as adaptable as my wardrobe. A platter that feels Christmassy as we gather in December should look like sunshine when we’re basking in summer light.

My "Platter - Red and yellow with puff balls" does that. A glorious deep red transparent glass with a rich golden yellow show off whimsical pink puff ball flowers blooming in hand-crushed frit. 

So Christmassy. So summery. Perfect in any weather. 

You can purchase "Platter - Red and yellow with puff balls" here.

Use the code "Xmas15" during checkout to get 15% off everything in the store until December 25, 2014.

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