I dream therefore I am December 06 2014


I dream therefore I am afraid

I am afraid therefore I think

I think therefore I hope

I hope therefore I am 

I am therefore I dream. (Tiadoque, "Steps to Maya Pyramid") 

I have mentioned in past posts that my glass and paintings begin in my mind. The ideas roam in there for days, and even months, before I allow my hands to work with actual materials. 

When I first dare to dream, I become a bit anxious that I cannot bring to fruition the image formed in my head. So I think and rework and plan and think and rework and plan again. 

In time, I begin to hope that I have a good idea. I hope that I can execute it well. I hope that someone will appreciate what I am trying to do and hear what I am trying to say. I hope that in my work, I will be seen and known.

Not everything works. But when I complete a piece that I am proud of, it captures within it a sliver of my heart and soul. When one of you chooses to bring that piece of me into your home, I am honoured. And I dare again to release another dream from the confines of my mind.

Thank you. 

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