Patience is a virture – just not mine December 14 2014

When people tell us of a frustrating or annoying situation, they often add "Oh well, it teaches me patience."

This past week has been frustrating in my studio.

Each time I opened the kiln, I found a lopsided bowl. I changed the firing schedules and changed them again and each bowl slumped crookedly. I almost convinced myself that I actually like them that way. “Level and round is overrated”, I thought. “Anybody can do round. But can anybody else create these perfectly unround, unlevel, misformed bowls? I think not.”

Then my kiln refused to work – the firing started and then simply quit. I assumed it was a random glitch and reset the kiln. The next day: same result – a start, a stop and an error message. 

I contacted my glass guru and he put me in touch with the manufacturer of my kiln. A technician is scheduled to come to my studio and fix the problem. I will be back in business soon.

I’d like to say, "Oh well, it teaches me patience." Instead, I am very antsy.

I'd like to believe I’m at least learning to slow down and wait, to just be still for a minute. But, I’m not.

No the truth is, I am very impatient when I’m working. I don't like to wait. And slowing down is overrated. Patience may be a virtue, but it’s not one of mine.

That’s why my kiln runs six or seven days a week. It keeps firing until I get it right. The glass doesn’t know if it’s straight or crooked and the kiln doesn’t care. But I know. I care. So I’m impatient, with my tools, and myself. I guess I can live with that.

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