Awe, wonder and magic January 04 2015 1 Comment

On New Year's Eve we went out to see an illusionist with another couple. Their daughter commented that a magic show is something old people do on New Year's Eve. I laughed but I also recognized the truth. We had a wonderful early dinner, enjoyed the show and I was home in bed before midnight. 

I once dabbled in simple magic tricks as a way of telling children's stories. During the show I was reminded that adults expect things to make sense. The spectacle, the flash, the performance is not enough: we want to know how it is done. 

Children see magic differently. Children don't expect everything to make sense and so they watch with awe and get pleasure from the spectacle.

It does us good to revert occasionally to our childhood sense of awe and wonder. Working with glass sometimes does that for me. Discovering how to get jellyfish to surface in glass felt like magic – surprising and unexpected, and a touch mysterious. 

May there be abundant awe, wonder and magic in your life this year. 

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