Who wants waffle chips? January 11 2015

When my kids were young, waffles were a favourite. One day I forgot to oil the waffle maker. When I opened the lid, the waffles had separated through the middle leaving crisp batter stuck to both the bottom and top of the waffle iron. I scraped out the pieces, put them in a fun dish and called to my TV-engrossed boys – “Who wants waffle chips?”

“I do, I do!” both shouted as they came running.

My husband looked at me grinning and shaking his head. I just shrugged and said, “It’s all in the marketing.”

After oiling the pan, I produced perfect waffles and called the boys again. I was greeted with “Awwwww, but I wanted waffle chips!”

This week in the studio, I cut two pieces of glass intended to look like a snow blizzard over a lake. I then slumped the fused piece in a large 12” square mold. But I programmed the slumping temperature to hold longer than the piece needed.

The glass melted, slid down the sides of the mold, and trapped air in the bottom. The result was a perfect full-moon-shaped bubble in the middle of the bowl. Unusual. Unexpected. But, not unpleasant. Turned over, the dish with a beautiful round bubble became a dramatic stage with a lovely deep round indent. Interesting. Hmmm.

Introducing the Double-Duty Blue Blizzard Bowl. Bubble side up looks like a swirling snowstorm across a lake. Hors d'oeuvres placed around the bubble make a striking presentation. Bubble side down and it's a candleholder.


The Double-Duty Blue Blizzard Bowl is for sale here.

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