Somewhere in our hearts January 18 2015

This week I have been working to produce some glass pieces in time for Valentine's Day. For days I have been pondering hearts and flowers and all the cheesy slogans and cards that go with that Hallmark holiday. 

While I’m a bit cynical about the day, I am not cynical about the sentiment. We need more love, genuine love, in our hearts, our lives, our country, our world. 

The violence of this past week (and most weeks it seems) is just another reminder of our chronic lack of love, understanding and tolerance for each other. We need to fix that but it is easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless and the task is so huge. 

‘What can I do?’ I'm not sure. I think the answer lies somewhere in our hearts where we have allowed prejudice and hate to live for too long. I am guessing a change from within is a good place to start.

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