It's personal February 01 2015

"No mother is more Butafull Then you Your ass Butafull ass a flour."
- a treasured card given to me by my then-young son 

My son certainly never intended to comment on my physique. The card was a very personal commentary from his heart. He meant to make me feel loved and appreciated.

I did. I laughed, I cried and I proudly displayed it in my office. I think of it often. And the memory always makes me smile and feel loved. 

Gifts or cards are personal. The recipient wants to know that we care, that we don't take them for granted, that we appreciate them and are glad to have them in our lives. We all want to feel known and understood. 

Whatever your Valentine's Day tradition - small, lavish or none - when giving cards or gifts, truly, it is the thought that counts. Because it's personal.

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