Delicate and subtle February 08 2015

Sometimes our love for someone is more delicate and subtle than the garish reds that dominate Valentine's Day. Sometimes we feel it floating in the wind, sitting on the stars or gurgling down a stream. It is hard to articulate but strong in its presence.

The round serving plate above is decorated with delicate vanilla hearts, suggestive of celtic design. This vanilla glass, set in layers and heated, reacts to itself. The pieces in the middle lighten creating a tone-on-tone effect. A delicate, subtle merging of two pieces, together creating something new and beautiful.

Pretty in pink, the sushi plate above has a gentle, abiding glow. The mardi gras glass adds a pop of fun and celebration and the white, a steadying balance. A perfect marriage of warmth, excitement and steadfastness.

Meaningful, enduring gifts. Delicate, subtle and warm.

You will find the "Vanilla hearts" serving plate here and the "Pink" sushi plate here.

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