Wonkily wonderful wonkiness March 08 2015 2 Comments

This week I repurposed a bowl that broke during its final firing a while ago. It was the subject of my "I spy with my little eye" blog post last November. You can read how it was originally created here.

The piece that broke seemed filled with images of dogs. I gathered the broken pieces and broke them a bit more. After laying the pieces randomly on an 11" circle of clear glass, I fused them together in the kiln and then slumped it in a large bowl form.

The result is intriguing. Instead of dogs, I discover owl and bird images in this shallow bowl.

An owl on the left and a dodo bird on the right.


From the left - a duck, a bug-eyed red grinning man, The long beak highlights the rest of a kingfisher bird.

The result is a wonderfully suggestive wonky bowl, deeper on one side than the other.

Wonky dishes are very popular. I think we look for things that show our personalities, that satisfy a desire to be unique and different from the millions of people around us.

So, if you want to show off your wonkily wonderful wonkiness, this bowl may be for you. Rich, playful, intriguing, beautiful - and a bit wonky.

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