The nesting instinct? February 15 2015

The nesting instinct is usually considered a phenomenon of pregnancy. But I think it is also a winter phenomenon. When the days turn dark and cold, and the snow flies, I start buying groceries and baking and freezing.

And eating. I crave the smell of cooking in the house and I want comfort food, lots of it. Turkey soup. Baked beans. Muffins. Apple crumble. Pasta. In the spring, the scales may yell "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!" But for now, I don't care.

The desire for comfort food feels primal. I have this suggestion: ladle your pasta on a gorgeous, handmade platter, invite friends and family to share it with you, and your impulse will feel more civilized.

Nesting - instinct or excuse? Who cares? Enjoy!

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