A serendipitous surprise February 22 2015

One evening when one of my sons was in first grade, he came into the kitchen where I was preparing dinner.

He said, "Some kids called me a scaredy cat today."

I put down what I was doing, turned to face him, ready to soothe hurt feelings and asked "Why did they say that?"

He replied, "I don't know. I didn't mean to scare them."

Sometimes what you expect is not what you get – it’s better .

A couple of months ago I made a lovely impressionist-style bowl of a poppy field with green fields and blue sky. I loved the richness of the colours. But the bowl cracked during firing. I was very disappointed.

This week I re-fired that bowl. I laid a large circle of clear glass on the kiln shelf and set the cracked bowl on top. I fired it for 11 hours giving the bowl time to melt into the clear glass below.

The next day, when I opened the kiln I found a stunning abstract poppy field. Separation in the colours letting the clear glass shine through add to its charm. 

A serendipitous surprise.

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