Same sensation, different medium February 28 2015

I love the rain, the snow, a storm. I love the look of it, the sound, the mood, the power. I love seeing everyone rushing, in their own little worlds of private thoughts and private moments, alone or huddled with someone else.

Solitary figures walk to an unknown destination, hidden under an umbrella, oblivious to the surrounding riot of colour. Who are they? Where are they coming from? Where are they going? What is their story?

Working with paint on canvas in an impressionistic style, I used the ordinary umbrella to gather cascading thoughts and emotions, and fleeting glimpses of relationships. (You can see some of the umbrella paintings here and in the "Paintings sold" section of the same page).

Transferring that idea to glass was one of the most daunting challenges I have so far undertaken. I used clear glass for the base, topping it with hand-crushed glass (frit). After each firing, I arranged more frit until I the platter stirred, for me, the same expressive longing as the painting.

In fusing, no guarantees apply. Instead of the precision and control of the brush and paint, I had to guess, to hope, to wrestle with the art of blended colour and trust the physics of molten glass to get the result. After six days in the kiln, the outcome made me happy.

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