The perfect tonic March 15 2015 1 Comment

I left my studio a week ago Friday feeling fine. Within a half hour of being home, the sniffles started. By Saturday I had to admit that I had the flu. I spent much of the past week in bed.

When I crawled into bed just over a week ago, it was winter. When I finally emerged from my cocoon, it was like spring. Sunny. Warm. Cheerful. The world was welcoming me back!

As always, when I left the studio, glass was firing in my kiln. Only six days later did I finally see what had been produced – a perfect sushi-shaped serving plate.

In the kiln, the glass had behaved exactly as it should and the image looked as I envisioned. Yet my reaction to it was unexpected.  

The plate I left in the kiln was lovely, with gentle colours. The plate before me when I opened the kiln looked to me like a breathtaking sandy beach with glorious crashing waves.

Who knows? Maybe the plate was transformed. Or more likely it was just that I was finally out of the house and everything was looking brighter, more intense, happier. The perfect tonic.

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