Between "Ahead-of-her time" and "Brave" April 12 2015

An artist's heart and consuming passion has been passed down through the women in our family in different ways and mediums. 

I am particularly proud to be part of a trio of visual artists. Not only do we share a passion for art, we share the name "Charis". 

My grandmother took up oil painting in her 60s and painted well into her 90s. She became very accomplished and recognized; she might have been the first in our family to sell her work.     

When she was in her late 60s, her passion led her to enter a painting in the Atlantic National Exhibition. She won "Best in Show". 

That win led to a commission to paint a large work of art on the outside wall of one of the exhibit buildings. They built her a scaffold and up she climbed. My brother acted as her assistant and she spent the next few days painting as though she was a teenager, in full view of curious Exhibition attendees.

Of our trio, my grandmother was the most "ahead-of-her time" member. 

Then there's me. Starting as a graphic designer, then a painter and now also a glass artist, I am the most "prolific" member of our trio. 

By far, the "bravest member" of our little group is my niece. She works with thread, paint, canvas, textiles and video. 

She lays bare her soul, vulnerable in a way most of us cannot fathom. She offers the gift of herself in the hope that some of us will receive, hear and try to understand. 

This weekend as my niece opened the first solo exhibition of her work, I was proud and humbled in the presence of enormous courage. 

Poised between my "ahead-of-her time" grandmother and my "brave" niece, I am inspired to keep pursuing our shared passion. My thanks to both of them. xo

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