After the storm April 19 2015

In the summer of 2011, there was a hurricane warning for the east coast including the prediction of winds that would exceed 100 kilometres per hour. Looking back, I am not sure why we thought remaining in our trailer on the Bay of Fundy was a good idea. The night was wild and a bit rocky in the trailer.

But we were fine. In the morning we woke to bright sun, no wind and a gentle peace in the air.

As I approached the beach for my usual morning walk, I heard the water before I saw it. The storm was over, but the Bay was still recovering. The waves were higher than I had ever seen and the water was muddy brown from the furious churning of the storm.

The effect of the bright sun and eerie calm in the air, combined with enormous crashing waves was exhilarating. With a delighted squeal, I raced back to the trailer to get my camera, a fresh joy welling inside me.

As I revelled, the lesson was not lost on me: the splendour of that morning would not have come to be without the storm.

The "Parted-square dish - After the storm" reminds me of that day: wild waves against a blue sky.

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