Passion, joy and underlying sadness May 10 2015

Mothers' Day is complicated for many. Some don't have a mother or never did. Others don't have a good mother. Some want to be a mother but cannot. And some were mothers until something unthinkable happened.

This particular holiday can be fraught with pain and disappointment rather than infused with joy and thankfulness. I want to remember that because I have been fortunate in my life. I had, and still have, a wonderful mother.

At age 16 my mother finished high school and became a teacher, for a year and a half (until she was old enough to enter nursing school). She taught in two different one-room schoolhouses where the grade 8 boys towered over her. She has often said that the main thing she learned while being a teacher was that teaching wasnt for her.

But she was mistaken. She taught me to knit and crochet, how to bake, and how to set a table properly. She showed me how to make a bed using hospital corners and explained the facts of life.

But the most important things she taught me came by example – how to be a woman, a daughter, a mother. What it means to be a wife and a friend and to embrace each day with enthusiasm. She is strong and brave, gentle and sweet. She knows what she believes and lives by it.

Mothers' Day shouldn't be complicated, but it is for some. I am sad that everyone has not experienced a loving hand upon them.  But I will always be grateful to my mother for the passion and joy she passed on to me.

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