My roots are showing May 24 2015

I grew up by water – the Kennebecasis River, the Bay of Fundy and the Washedomoak Lake. 

For 32 years we have lived in downtown Toronto. Our children grew up here. I love life in the city.

But I have never stopped missing the smell of salt air, the sound of waves, the expanse of sky and horizon, and even the caress of the fog. 

My father had a passion for the water. As a young man, my father loved to sail. I treasure a photo of him (below on the right) sailing with a friend wearing typically appropriate sailing clothes – all white, complete with cap. Very snappy. Because of him, my siblings and I were taught water safety and how to swim at an early age.  

So it is no surprise that my roots often show up in my work. The sea and lake and river are part of who I am. 

My "Parted square dish - Lazy river sails" reminds me of elegantly white and perfect sail boats gliding along the Kennebecasis River. Those pictured in glass are more colourful and playful than the ones I watched in my youth. Even so, my roots are showing.

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