In a garden of glass June 14 2015


Gardening is not my forte. Growing up, my siblings and I helped plant vegetables at our summer camp. I didn't mind that – it was fun family time. And I loved digging up potatoes with my father. He used the pitch fork to turn the earth over and I scrambled to retrieve the potatoes. That part I loved.

Even today, I like to dig a hole and plop in a plant. usually a tulip bulb or bush. But that is the extent of my gardening skills or interest. I don't like to water, weed, trim, fertilize or tend the garden in any other way. And it shows.

When we first moved to Toronto 32 years ago, I thought I would save money by growing vegetables. I don't remember everything I planted except for tomatoes and carrots. It didn’t matter because whatever I planted only fed the raccoons and other city wildlife. They grazed through everything, except for four tiny carrots half the size of my baby finger. The evening of the harvest, I washed my carrots and placed one small raw vegetable on each of our dinner plates with great fanfare. They tasted excellent but certainly didn't save me any grocery money. That was my last vegetable garden. 

As for flowers, I love them but can neither grow nor even arrange them nicely in a vase. Because I don't seem to be able to remember to water a house plant, I have none: a hostess gift of a house plant stresses me out because I know I am going to kill it.  

Ah, but creating flower gardens in glass—that I love to do. In a garden of glass, I find joy in the bright colours, the dancing light, and the freedom of knowing that there is nothing I have to do to keep them looking beautiful. 

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