One can live in hope September 20 2015 3 Comments

Soooooo - my inability to garden or lack of drive to learn has been well documented here. But this summer, I thought I was having a change of heart. Visiting my mother-in-law (Siti) and father-in-law (Jidi) inspired a desire to try gardening again, particularly a small herb garden. 

Siti has always been known for her spectacular flower gardens, lush, beautiful, and colourful. Jidi kept the large lawns green and coiffed, grew fantastic vegetable gardens and even cultivated fruit trees. They also grow mint for salads and grape leaves for rolled grape leaves. 

This summer they gave me a lesson in how to grow the herbs I wanted and also dry them for the winter. 

Then we went to dinner at the home of Paul and Denise, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. The dinner table was covered with vegetables, fruit and herbs they grow themselves. Delicious!

Denise gave me pointers on growing herbs and removing the leaves in such a way that the plant will keep producing. I was excited, enthusiastic, confidant: I would soon be growing herbs! 

When we invited a crowd to our trailer for dinner, I needed basil for a salad. The store had no fresh basil, BUT there stood a basil plant. This seemed the perfect time to try my hand at gardening herbs, beginning with basil. 

I bought the plant.

I recalled my tutoring from Denise about how to cut the leaves from the plant so it would keep growing. I stared at my basil and realized I had no clue. In the end I stripped off all the leaves I needed, wished my plant luck in growing more leaves, gave it a bit of water and set it on the railing of our deck. 

There it sat all day and the next and the days became a week. At some point, my plant fell off the railing and lay sadly in the grass. For another week, I regularly thought I should pick it up, but didn’t. 

One day a young family visited. When they left, my plant was sitting on the deck again. We figured that the parents assumed their young son had knocked it down. But still, there it sat until it was shrivelled and dead. 

Sad. But true. 

Creating flowers in glass remains my only successful gardening. Still, one can live in hope. 

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