I am thankful, but ... October 11 2015 1 Comment

I have so much. Material things beyond what I need. Physical health beyond what most can hope for. Emotional support of a depth many never know. I am so thankful. 

My life has much love within an eclectic extended family that offers support, comfort and joy. I am blessed. 

I live in a great country and have a part in choosing our leaders. I am grateful. 

But in truth I did nothing to deserve any of this. Most of it is just dumb luck.

Why am I so lucky? I don’t know. I do know that “deserve” isn’t part of the answer.

Millions of our own citizens deserve better than they experience – our Aboriginal Peoples, our working poor, our homeless, our neglected children and elderly, abused of all ages and so many who are lonely or frightened.  

In all my abundance, I wonder why our leaders believe that the way to win my vote is to offer me more. Is that who they think I am? Can't they see that many of us would like our country to do more for those who need it?

I strive to never take for granted any good thing and to be thankful for all, but ... I would like others to have reasons to be thankful as well.


The glass pictured above was a happy mistake. Intending to create a bowl, I fired the kiln to the fusing temperature, which is much higher than the slumping temperature called for. The glass puddled in the bottom of the bowl forming a wonderful fish, or rather, different fish in different views. I am thankful that it wasn’t a complete fail. :-)

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