Autumn winds October 18 2015

As for so many, fall is my favourite season. The colours, the smell, crisp air, the movement of the wind in leaves. 

A few years ago my niece accompanied me to Niagara-on-the-Lake to deliver some paintings at a gallery. We had lunch and then headed to Niagara Falls. On the way, we found an amazing walking path with colours that left us breathless. Vibrant oranges. Translucent yellows. Rich reds. Smatterings of lime green. We walked engrossed in surroundings so magnificent it seemed almost disrespectful to talk much.  

That began a tradition for us.

The following year we selected a park closer to home where we were immersed in glorious bursts of colour that overlooked the lake. On a bed of leaves, we spread a tablecloth that my mother had hand-embroidered, and set out china plates and tea cups, and sterling silver cutlery. There we ate our lunch, talked and mused. Then we walked. 

Last year we found a different park. A blanket on the grass and a large Greek salad created the setting for our conversation. And we walked. The smell, the air, the sound of the wind in the trees – all were therapeutic, exhilarating and calming.

My niece no longer lives close by, so continuing our tradition is more challenging. But we are hopeful. The winds of autumn call and we will try to answer.  

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