But we have forgotten a bit, haven't we? November 08 2015

The song, “Where have all the flowers gone” by Peter, Paul and Mary keeps playing in my head. Except  I keep hearing “Where have all the poppies gone.” It's not that I think the poppies have gone, as much as I’m feeling that the significance is disappearing.

We proclaim “Lest we forget” - but we have forgotten a bit, haven’t we?

For most of us, someone in our family served in a war. Many were killed or injured. Many more suffered at home.

In our wastefulness and excessive consumption, we see our seniors as quirky because they refuse to waste food. We label them eccentric when they won't get rid of something that works, just because there is a newer model. 

We forget that they went hungry, made things last, did without essential goods, and even gave up their loved ones, our ancestors, because of war. 

We forget that those who served abroad knew true sacrifice and hardship, and often suffered a violent and premature death.

We are who we are, have the life we live and the luxury of forgetting who and what went before us because of them.

I have already lost three poppies this season, but I will continue to replace them because I am sobered and grateful. And I don't want to forget.

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