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I have enormous respect for teachers. For a time, I taught college students, but always have thought that teaching our young children is a job for saints. The energy, the noise, the needs make the task seem as exhausting as it is exciting.

When my sons were young, however, certain teachers left me wondering why they chose the profession, especially teaching young children. 

One very unhappy grade-three teacher created havoc in our house, leaving scars on my son’s heart and self-esteem that took years to rectify.

One day my son came home and told me he got into trouble at school. The teacher was angry with him and he didn’t know why. Terrified that he would unknowingly do it again, he asked me to go see her the next day and find out what he did to make her so angry. 

After I dropped him off the next morning, I got her aside and told her that my son got in trouble the day before but that he didn’t know what he had done, and had asked me to find out. She said “Oh, he knows!” with a sneer that gave me chills. 

I said “Now does that really make sense to you, that a child who got in trouble at school would go home and ask his mother to come and talk with the teacher to find out what he did wrong, knowing he might get in trouble at home as well when his parents find out?"

Still sneering, she repeated that he was fully aware.  I calmly said, “Well, I don’t know what he did, so why don’t you tell me.”

It seems they were doing a special project. The teacher had prepared containers of glitter, each colour in its own bowl. My son looked at all the bowls and thought his fellow students would like a bowl of mixed colours of glitter to work with. He got an empty bowl and added some of all the colours into it. 

He was pleased with his idea and sure his innovation would be appreciated. It wasn’t. At least not by the teacher. At the time I thought that her reaction was sad for everyone - for my son who was in effect punished for trying to enjoy all the colours, for the children who being taught that only one colour at a time was the only correct way and for the teacher whose chronic unhappiness blinded her to the possibilities of all the colours. 

We should all try using all the colours sometimes, embracing the joy.

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For these pieces, I used all - or at least a lot :-)  - of the colours.

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