Patchwork quilt January 17 2016

I have three quilts made by my grandmother. She used two of them in her home all of her adult life. The third she and my mother made for me when I was married.

Quilts carry much more within their folds than just fabric and batting. And they do much more for us than just keep us warm. 

Quilts carry the love and effort of the maker and the need and appreciation of the receiver. Quilts wrap us in memories and anchor us to our place in time. 

I have always wanted to make a quilt. Though as I ponder the idea, I realize that what I really desire is the old fashioned “quilting bee” - friends working on a common project for the good of someone else, bonding, sharing, supporting and dreaming together.

My "Patchwork quilt" sushi plate has been sold, but you can still see it here.

My niece, Katherine, makes beautiful quilts for sale. You will find her quilts and other wonderful handmade items here.

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