Haiku for the new year January 10 2016 2 Comments

New Year's Eve musing  
Cheerful party lights twinkling  
Optimism reigns 

Haiku is Japanese verse written in three lines. 
Line 1 is 5 syllables. 
Line 2 is 7 syllables. 
Line 3 is 5 syllables. 

Haiku is a mood poem. It doesn't usually rhyme and you don't use metaphors or similes. 

So - join in the fun. Write a haiku and post it here for us all to enjoy. 

You can see my party-ready "Fiesta" snack plates here. Of all the dishes I have made, I use the snack plates the most - perfect for a muffin, cookies, cheese and crackers. Always fun. 

Oh – and to remind you of my 50%-off-everything sale until January 15 (just enter code HALFPRICE at checkout), here’s another haiku for you:

Deep sale of beauty
One week remains in force

Speed does thwart regret

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