Sprinkled among the moments January 31 2016 2 Comments

Recently I flew to New Brunswick to help with one of the hard transitions in life. My flight was just before dusk. As I pondered what lay ahead on a cold, grey and cloudy day, we lifted through the clouds into a magical moment above the dreariness. 

There the sun was shining, dancing on the airplane’s propeller, a joyful performance that felt personal for me. 

That show reminded me of a similar moment in 2002. Rick and I were thrilled to be on the trip of a lifetime, motorcycling around New Zealand with friends, something I didn’t even think to dream of until it happened. 

Just as we flew into Auckland above the clouds, the sun rose, in a display of spectacular proportions. 

My favourite moment was when the Loch Ness Monster rose out of the clouds, giving me a nod and a smile, welcoming me to my great adventure. 


Life is made up of moments, good, bad and indifferent. Sprinkled among those moments are the gems just waiting for us to notice. 

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