Ice cream floats and banana splits February 28 2016

Our parents didn’t believe in spoiling us with things. They turned a deaf ear to any plea for the latest fad or toy. But they did believe in creating and filling our lives with wonderful memories.  

Two of my favourite memories are “ice cream float nights” and “banana split nights.” 

I didn’t like ice cream until I was an adult. But I did love a root beer float made by my Dad, filled to the brim and dripping down the side of the tall cold glass. I drank the milky root beer, left the chunks of ice cream and thought: “It doesn’t get any better than this.” 

Banana split nights were equally exciting. My parents would lay out all the ingredients, give us a special banana split dish and let us fill it any way we wished. Mine included almost no ice cream but overflowed with bananas, chocolate sauce and nuts and strawberries and butterscotch . . . Oh my. 

Many of life’s special moments include ice cream. Even when I didn’t like eating it, I loved when it appeared, because then I knew this was a very special day. 

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