A hook to hang my nightie on March 06 2016 3 Comments

As I write this, I am flying back to Toronto after a three week stay in New Brunswick. My mother fell and broke her hip, followed by a hip replacement the next day. 

It was a terrible ordeal for her. But she never complained. She was always pleasant, always appreciative. 

Lately, I have been trying to minimize the effects of stress in my life by reading about, and working at, being joyful, compassionate, grateful, and accepting.  

As I watched my mother through her most recent journey, it wasn’t lost on me that she wasn’t trying to be anything. She just is - joyful, compassionate, grateful and accepting. 

The day after her surgery, my mother was confused. She thought the hospital room was her new home. My son asked her what she thought of her room. 

She said, “Well,” and paused for a long time as she looked all around the room at everything. Then finally, with a smile and a satisfied air, she said “I like that hook. I could hang my nightie on it. Yes, I like that hook.” 

Gratitude, acceptance, joy and compassion are who my mother is. Those qualities are as much a part of her as her name “Hope”. She doesn’t try. She just is - no matter what. 

I think I should stop trying so hard to be  . . .whatever . . . and look for a hook to hang my nightie on. 

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