A calamity of errors December 02 2018

Just before the snow flew I decided that it was time to trim our big maple tree in our small front yard.

I dragged out our long pruning pole that’s equipped with a rope going to the guillotine-type blade on top. I have done this before. It’s not difficult. I just hold the pole with one hand and pull the rope with the other.

But this time, I couldn’t get the blade to cut through the small limb. The gloves I put on to get a better grip didn’t help.

Then I had an inspiration! I wedged the heavy pole between my knees and used two hands to pull on the rope. It worked and the blade sliced through the limb.

And, the pole jumped and crashed down on my head, followed by the branch.

Lots of blood, a trip to ER, a concussion diagnosis and one staple in my scalp later, I decided that tree pruning isn’t that important.

To make matters worse or funnier (my bruised brain can't tell which) once I was inside and had cleaned up most of the blood, my husband went out to get the pruning pole. He rolled his ankle and fell flat. Woozy and still a bit bloody, I stumbled outdoors to help him up.

The whole episode does make me laugh.  But then, I just go to bed and give my head a rest.

And I have given away the tree pruner. 

PS. We are both healing nicely. And yes, it’s ok to laugh. Surely I am not the only one who sees the humour in this calamity of errors.

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