A Charlie Brown Christmas November 20 2016

When many of us visualize Christmas, we see a Norman Rockwell scene in our mind.

We fervently believe that if we have the whole family gathered, each in their most polite and festive moods, surrounding perfectly wrapped gifts placed under a magnificent tree adorned with the most glittering colour-coordinated ornaments, massive arrays of twinkling lights, beautiful uplifting carols, sweet-scented candles, exquisite gourmet food, a roaring wood fire and gently falling snow - THEN - Christmas will be perfect. 

In truth, we are more likely to have a Charlie Brown Christmas than the Norman Rockwell fantasy. 

Not everyone will be in the best mood. Some may be late. The gifts aren’t all designer wrapped. The tree is tied to the wall to keep it from falling over. The angel lists at a 45-degree angle in a torn robe. A set of lights are burned out. The ornaments are a hodgepodge of childhood memories and bits and pieces that have survived the poorly packed boxes from last year. The music choice and volume may be in dispute. The scented candles are giving you a headache. The turkey falls apart when removed from the oven. The roaring fire is a channel on the television. It’s raining. 

And it’s perfect. 

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