Baby birds and hope May 21 2017


Ever since I discovered a robin’s nest in the roof of our carport, I have been watching it and encouraging the mother robin. “Hi Mama. How are you doing? Are your babies ok? You are doing such a great job.”

Last night I came home and there were three tiny baby robins! I could see only their heads, mouths open, beaks bobbing looking for food. “Great job, Mama! They are adorable.” I was so happy to see them and took a picture with my phone. 

Mama robin in the middle, a babe on each side and one in back

This morning I went out with my camera to try and get a better photo of the baby birds. There in the nest were three little heads lolling over the edge of the nest, beaks open but none of them moving. At all. 

I went back in the house, despondent. Ten minutes later I headed out for the day and the babies still had not moved. 

Arriving home from work, I saw the mother robin sitting in the nest. I thought “Poor thing. Her babies are dead.” 

And then I saw it – one little head bobbing with mouth open wide, then the second and the third. They weren’t dead! I was ecstatic. 

Why did it matter so much to me? Apart from the obvious reason that they are very cute, they had made real to me the idea of spring heralding new life and hope. And I thought all was lost. 

Instead, although hope can be fragile, today it is alive and well. 

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