Broken or beautiful? April 02 2017 1 Comment

On one recent day, my kiln began malfunctioning. 

Kilns are programmed to follow a precise schedule of heating, processing and cooling to outcome one wants without shocking the glass and causing it to break.  Programs vary according to what we are trying to accomplish. Precise programming, learned through trial and error, is important.

My kiln began ignoring my instructions. It would begin the fusing program I laid out, but at some unpredictable point, it would stop. The glass would be shocked and break. But then the kiln would restart, complete the entire schedule I had programmed, and my broken glass would fuse together again. 

That is how my “Purple moon” fractured-light window glass came to be. 

“Purple moon” reminds me that most of us have suffered some sort of physical or emotional shock or injury that has left us feeling broken.

In time, though we may heal, we will likely always carry a scar. 

So are we broken or beautiful? 

I say “both.” 

You can see my scarred but beautiful “Purple moon” fractured-light window glass here. Purple moon's scar is about halfway up the piece and runs in a jagged line one side to the other.

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