Hideaway November 18 2018

I have always treasured spaces where I could hide away and feel myself breathe.

When I was young, hiding behind a tree listening to the wind in the leaves, tucked into a fort under the dining room table with blankets for walls, or lying in a field of tall grasses did the trick.

These days, a nook beside crashing waves is a favourite retreat, or reading a good book under a handmade quilt is one of the most delicious. Recently my favourite hideaway has become practicing my harp. I can disappear into my efforts for hours at a time.

A beloved hideaway doesn’t need to be expensive or exotic or require much preparation. It doesn’t even need to be a physical space. It could be a space in my mind, dwelling on an idea or reliving a beautiful loving moment of the heart. Or it can be treasuring an endearing time of innocence with a sweet child.

My wish for you this week is that you seek out your perfect hideaway, that restores, rejuvenates, elevates, calms and inspires you – a place where you can rest and be reassured.

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