For our children’s children November 11 2018

Yesterday we celebrated my granddaughter’s first birthday. She is lovely, innocent, trusting, joyful, pure.

Every year, during the season of remembering, I feel so much gratitude for those who have gone before us and paved the way to freedom, and fought the fight for the life we now have; many literally gave up everything.

Most of us have ancestors who were lost. Most of us have heard the stories and seen the pain in the storyteller’s eyes.

And yet, it seems nothing has changed. We still try to kill each other. We still hate with passion. We still ostracize and look down on others as though they are not as worthy as us. 

How can this be? We are not remembering. We are forgetting.

My granddaughter knows nothing about hate or racism; about war or conflict. She loves with innocence, untainted by the ugliness running rampant around us and within us. 

For those we say we are remembering, we seem incapable of enough gratitude to just stop the hate. Could we do it for our children’s children? Please?


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