It all comes out in the painting March 12 2017 1 Comment


For various reasons, recent weeks have been somewhat chaotic. 

One reason is that I was diagnosed with viral vertigo. It’s not serious and will resolve itself, but I sometimes find myself acting like a drunken sailor - wobbly, lightheaded, light sensitive, unsure of my place in space and just generally off. 

I tried to carry on as usual; I continued to do graphic design projects, produce glass and paint until family illness took all my attention. 

For two weeks I worked on a new painting - a dyptych measuring 48” x 36”. 

My process has two stages – laying down an under-painting, and then pouring and manipulating several gel/paint layers on top. 

When I started the painting I was going for a sunset scene, with serene sailboats skimming across the water. As the two weeks went by, the painting became an unintended biography of my life during that time. 

I tend to think that I can control my world, keep things to myself and only reveal to people what I want them to know. But usually, it all comes out in the painting. 

My “Vertigo” painting is not for sale. 

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