Love, in all shapes and sizes April 15 2018

As I sit holding my baby granddaughter, she holds one of her toys. Often its something cute and soft, but her favourite is hard with multiple pieces she can suck on and I think about her father, my younger son, and the toys he loved as a wee one. 

When he was around two-years-old, I would tuck him in bed every night with his Teddy. When I checked later, I would find Teddy abandoned on the floor and my son asleep cuddling a dump truck or some other equally sharp, uncomfortable toy, in my mind, not the best candidate for hugs.

One morning as I was making his bed, I noticed long, black, skinny, string-like things on the sheets. There were a lot of them. Eight to be exact.

Then I recognized it - a daddy longlegs, quite dead. 

I said to my son, “Did you kill a daddy longlegs in your bed last night?”

“No,” he said. “I just hugs him for hours and hours.”

The daddy longlegs did not survive my son’s love, but it did make me think how a child can love all shapes, colours and sizes. And what we lose when we deem some worthy of love and others not. 

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