Not to be taken lightly December 09 2018 2 Comments

Today I celebrate 65 years of life. I am both grateful and sobered by the thought.

There is no doubt that I was lucky to be born in Canada, to devoted parents, who had the means to raise my siblings and me comfortably. I have a wonderful extended family that loves, accepts and adjusts to all that life throws our way.

I have experienced more love, adventure and fun than any one person deserves to expect. But I have done nothing to deserve my blessings. I don’t understand why me and not others.

When my children were young and complained that something wasn’t fair I would reply: “Life isn’t fair. Get used to it.”

Yet I have never gotten used to it. Not because I think I deserve more, but because I think others also should have what they need, and more.

As we get older, more of the people we know struggle in any number of ways. Sad news comes that often includes health issues and even death.

And when I look beyond my small world at the poverty, hunger, hate, wars and endless depressing news, I cannot make sense of it at all.

And yet, I will be celebrating today with my family. As I look into their faces, I will be grateful. I will laugh, listen and hug. I do not understand my good fortune, but I know it is not to be taken lightly.  

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