Red sky at night March 26 2017

The saying I learned as a child was,
“Red sky at night, sailors’ delight;
red sky in morning, sailors take warning.”

Another version speaks of “red sun”.

In either version, the warning is clear, yet hard to take seriously, since the majesty of a red sunset and the beauty of a red sunrise seem equally glorious. 

How could one be a delight and the other a warning?

Yet, history and weather science support the observation that a red sky in the morning is likely to be followed by rough seas during the day. 

While most of us do not fish for a living, we do sail through uncharted seas, with many colourful things, people, events and experiences. Discerning which promise delight and which are a warning calls for wisdom. Like seafarers of old, we draw on shared experience and our own instincts. I wish for you only red skies at night. 

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