Rest April 09 2017


Recently I posted blank canvasses, standing on easels in my studio, as I had decided to do nothing. But I moved past my “nothing” day, and since, have been working on a new painting. 

My plan was a scene featuring a harbour and bridge, with houses, stars, moon, moody blues. 

As I picked up my brush, I changed my mind. I felt the need to do something pastoral, with trees and mountains realistically rendered.

But the more I worked, the more Impressionistic it became. In the process, sky, trees, sand and water took over my imagined scene. 

I added lots of colour, intense strokes of blue, orange, and red, creating a poster-like effect. But still feeling the need for something more peaceful, I changed direction again and removed the bright colours.

The designer in me, meanwhile, felt compelled to add a focal point, that the piece should say something. 

One after another, elements added to create interest were then removed – seagulls on the beach, posts in the water with a bird perched on one, waves crashing on the shore. I was set to add the bow of a rowboat just barely entering the scene from the bottom right corner, the rower remaining a mystery.  

I usually try to tell a story within my work, and include a touch of a mystery, where the viewer can read in their own reality or imaginings. 

But as I stood with paint and brush in hand, examining the canvasses that started their journey as “nothing”, I realized I didn’t want a story, a mystery or a focal point: I want rest. 

My “Rest” painting is not for sale. 

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