Sweet November 04 2018

This year, I celebrate a significant birthday. I enjoy celebrating, because it is a privilege to grow older when all of us have known many who did not get that chance.

In recent years, a number of my school friends and I have reconnected.

Some of us have known each other since kindergarten and elementary school. Others met in high school. We all graduated from Simonds High School together. 

At this point there are about 20 of us but we keep locating more. We don’t all live in the same city or even the same province. But we look for ways to be together.

We have dinners. We go on day trips or weekend excursions. Or just hang out.  Recently 12 of us took a weekend away to celebrate our collective birthday milestone.

As a group, we have seen sorrows, struggles, failures, health issues, disappointments, and losses – as among any collective of people. Yet, when we’re together, aside from a quick catch-up of any new or continuing issues within the group, we don’t talk about our troubles and worries much.

We laugh until tears flow. We tell stories. We honour the ridiculous and embrace the absurd. We are loud. And it is sweet.

Thank you my friends. xo

You can see my painting “Bittersweet” painting here.

P.S. Although I have ceased producing fused glass, a number of pieces are still for sale on this website. I will continue to add new paintings to this site. And shipping is free on everything on the site.

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