Taking a moment December 03 2017

Spring, summer and fall snuck past me this year. Life has been busy and I haven't always taken notice of my surroundings. But as I put out the garbage a few days ago, I was transported back to an April morning when I was greeted by dozens of tulips.  

In my front yard, there is no lofty garden design, simply tulips bulbs stuck into the ground in any spot where I could dig a hole. No watering. No fertilizer. Just a faint hope that the squirrels will leave a few.  And as I haven't planted any new bulbs in several years, I shouldn’t expect much.

But there they were in all their colourful glory, generously bestowing happiness.

And bestowed again, this week, when, prompted by that flash of memory, I searched out the photos I took in April. This time, I did pause, and take a long moment to savour their beauty and let my appreciation bloom within.


No tulip glass, but you can see my "Blue daisy" lunch plate  here.

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